This section from Di Linh to Phan Thiet is the twenty-third instalment of my bicycle ride from Yunnan to Cambodia – if all goes according to plan. Titled “Slap the Belgian!”, it is simultaneously published on, where you’ll find a map with the itinerary and many other bicycle diaries by me and others. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Di Linh in the morning
Di Linh from our hotel window

We are woken by the sunlight peering through our curtains. I had chosen this hotel because of its excellent view over the valley behind Di Linh and with this morning sun drenching the fields and mountains in white gold, I’m even happier with my choice.

Katya and Mirek are also awake but since managing vegetarian food is becoming increasingly difficult, we each find our own food. Given the freedom of choice, we try something entirely new for me: Hu Tieu, a kind of goulash-like noodle soup. The beef inside is stewed to the point of falling apart and is very tasty. We load up on a few litres of water blended with tea drinks and then set off. Our two riding companions are still loading up, but we’re sure we’ll see them on the way. (more…)