• Post-op Feedback, a WordPress plugin to solicit feedback from certain people and show it on the website both in human-readable and schema format.
  • Deepblu Tools, a toolset to get the most out of Deepblu, my former employer.
  • The Deepblu Backup Tool, a rough web wrapper for the main tool, which lets you backup all your dive logs out of the Deepblu cloud in UDDF format. Should anything happen to Deepblu or if you simply want to get your COSMIQ data offline, now you can.
  • I’ve become a contributor to Coinprice-indicator, a GTK3-based cryptocurrency price ticker for Ubuntu’s Unity desktop.
  • I’ve also made Coindicator, a quick and dirty port of the former for Mac OS X, which is now discontinued as I never want to touch a Mac again.
  • Custom changes for Via Video, a service that creates videos that merely need your company’s logo to impress customers and partners alike.

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