This week, I’ve been mostly coding:

  • A PHP parser for the creative commons Chinese-English dictionary CC-Cedict, which uses little memory and is easy on the CPU while producing a fully customizable set of structured dictionary data. It is a fork of and a collaboration with Matthew Sills’ CC-CEdict parser. It’s exciting to get back into programming and for the first time using GIT for actual collaboration.
  • Yushan Energy, a homepage for a wind energy project in Taiwan. Very basic layout with lots of customizability. Custom theme and plugins.
  • Op Wielekes, a re-using platform for used kid’s bikes. The original WordPress installation was outdated and crippled. Restored full WordPress functionality without changing the way the website works.
  • Flowtogrow, a website made with Squarespace by communication agency Meerkat. Squarespace, however, does not support multilingual sites out of the box, so I needed to insert some clever code tweaks to allow it. Deployment via Git.
  • Taramasalata.