weiyun-logo_02I’ve updated the Weiyun translation files to be compatible with Weiyun 2.2 (build 1154). You can download weiyun-2.2-build-1154 from my website. After downloading and installing Tencent Weiyun (click on the blue button under Windows版), extract the files to c:\program files (x86)\tencent\weiyundisk\I81N\2052\ and overwrite the existing files. If you have a 32-bit version of windows, lose the (x86) in the above path. The translation probably does not work with the Mac version.

Enjoy and consider donating a little something if you’re happy with my work.

67 thoughts on “Weiyun 2.2 build 1154 translation”

  1. is there a limit on how big the file size must be now? ive been trying upload files larger than 1gb but i cant seem to find a way to do so.

  2. Hello,

    Great Work, I couldn’t use it in Chinese, but Now with translation it’s super, I’m testing the speeds…

    Indeed, like Riad said…English SYNC app would make it complete….

    thanks so much….

  3. Respected Sander Van de Moortel,

    I am extremely thankful to your goodself for providing selfless service by translating (Tencent) Weiyun PC client application almost all versions which has made the users at large to use weiyun cloud services with more trust, confidence and has removed all ambiguities / language barriers and all credit for this goes to your goodself.

    Sir, since your goodself possess the unique expertise with passion of selfless service, I want to take liberty by requesting that will you please also translate the (Qihoo) PC Windows client application as well as Windows Sync application. The applications are given on the link: http://yunpan.360.cn/

    I earnestly request to your goodself to kindly translate the above mentioned applications as well, please.

    thanking your goodself in advance

  4. Post Script:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that these applications are in Chinese and are required to be translated in English.


  5. Mr. oscar

    I am also unable to upload file bigger than 1GB on (Tencent) weiyun cloud service through web /PC client application which shows that the management has fixed file upload limit to less than 1GB.

  6. Hi.

    I’d like to thank you for the translation, and also ask a question.

    For a few months now, the Tencent Cloud PC app will not let me upload video files of any size, but the browser version does. Is there any fix for the desktop app?

  7. To Mahvish and others asking about the Sync software: I’m sorry – the sync software seems to be programmed in a different way with the strings embedded. While it’s technically possible to enter the executable and change strings, I currently don’t have enough time to find out how to do so without breaking the program.

  8. I really love you! So much!
    Thank you! Work’s fine on my Windows 8.1, no needed restart after paste the files!

    Please, it’s possible translate the 360 QUIO Yunpan service? Is very large space, i have 36TB!

    Sorry for my bad english, i’am brazilan not american XD

  9. I found a typo: “Currently unable ot download video” should be “to”. As a side note: any idea why it wouldn’t let me upload 9 videos? :-/

    1. Kerstin,

      I just did it and it worked fine for me. The files that you extracted from the downloaded rar archive will be available already on the location c:\program files (x86)\tencent\weiyundisk\I81N\2052\ if you have installed tencent windows client. Just replace the existing files with the ones that you extracted.


    2. 1. you look for the old ones by going into the icon of tencent in “my computer”.
      2. then you take the files you have downloaded and put them instead of the files with the same name that you already have in your computer – meaning you take the inital files out of your computer.

  10. Weiyun is build 2.3 now – will your language files still work?

    please can you update if required so your legacy and great work can continue.

  11. Also I’m trying to sign up and after registering my email it asked me to enter my Chinese mobile phone number for SMS verification. Is there anyway to get around this without a chines mobile?

  12. Hi,

    Great work you’re doing :)

    Do you also have a translation of the latest Sync software v. 2.0?

    Thanks in advance :)

  13. Marian, thanks so much! and thanks to the site owner for all the help and helpful hints along the way!

  14. Hey, thank you so much for this.

    I ran out of space and now with this I will never have to worry about that again.

    I just ran into a problem and was wondering if you could help. I was transferring files fine until recently when an error message popped up and it is in Chinese. Now I can get anything to work. After error message the program crashes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  15. many thanks
    when will update for 2.4

    think to fix length of some words with ‘tot-cap’, etc to fit width of blocks in app

  16. Hey, THANK YOU for the great job!

    If you are not too busy can you translate the 3.1 client?

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!

  17. Hi. great Job
    Translation for version 3.3 works as well/
    question. when I sync it does not load all files such
    as for Autocad DWG.
    do you have an advice?
    best regards

  18. Not to put too fine a point on it, but all one needs to do with the most recent version ( as of this writing) is open Program Files (x86)\Tencent\weiyundisk\I18N\2052 and translate the following files using Bing, Google, whatever:


    Makes the “Tencent Micto Cloud” much easier for those of us who cannot read Simplified Chinese.

    Now if I could just figure a way around the 1G/day (!) upload limit!

  19. Does Weiyun do directory synchronization anymore? I can’t find any file sync tool anywhere on their site. I don’t know Chinese so maybe I’m missing it. I’ve installed the language mods to the main application but there’s nothing in there about syncing folders

  20. Hi everyone!

    I’ve been having this error (22071) when trying to upload some files.

    Could someone please help me? What does that error mean?

    Also, with the (22072).

    Thanks a lot!

  21. At the moment, it’s impossible to download old version of the client, like version or version, or version 3.1.1375 … until 2.2.1154
    Anyone could post any of these? Thank you

  22. … but it shuts down if you don’t automatically upgrade to version 3.7
    the new version installs a lot of stuff, like QQ and other..

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