weiyun-logo_02I’ve updated the Weiyun translation files to be compatible with Weiyun 2.2 (build 1154). You can download weiyun-2.2-build-1154 from my website. After downloading and installing Tencent Weiyun (click on the blue button under Windows版), extract the files to c:\program files (x86)\tencent\weiyundisk\I81N\2052\ and overwrite the existing files. If you have a 32-bit version of windows, lose the (x86) in the above path. The translation probably does not work with the Mac version.

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Tencent have released a new version of their Weiyun 微云 Windows app (build 1027). Updating to this version gives you access to notes which can be shared across devices, and fixes some other bugs. I’ve followed suit and translated any new strings. Find the file here: weiyun_2.1_1027 or at this Weiyun mirror. For installation instructions, please refer to my earlier post.

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Tencent have released a new version of their online storage software Weiyun 微云. The new version fixes bugs and certain strings seem to hint at the coming of notes to the software in a future version. I have translated the software strings from Chinese to English so those who do not read Chinese can now also use the software. Download the files here (mirror) and follow the instructions below.