Tencent have released a new version of their Weiyun 微云 Windows app (build 1027). Updating to this version gives you access to notes which can be shared across devices, and fixes some other bugs. I’ve followed suit and translated any new strings. Find the file here: weiyun_2.1_1027 or at this Weiyun mirror. For installation instructions, please refer to my earlier post.

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4 thoughts on “Weiyun 2.1 build 1027 translation available”

  1. Thanks for the translation. However, why do you not provide a link to download “Weiyun 2.1 build 1027” ? Your file only includes the translation but where does one download the necessary program? I do not speak Chinese therefore I can not navigate the weiyun site to find the download link like most.

  2. Thank you so much for your job. There is a 2.2 version available for download, so 2.1 is not working now. Is there any solution for 2.2 English translation? Thank you again.

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